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What is the process for entering treatment?

First, a prospective client will undergo a screening by telephone. If it appears the client is appropriate for rehabiliation treatment at ETANO Center, she or he will be scheduled for an intake appointment in our Tucson clinic. If the client is not appropriate for services through ETANO Center, a referral to appropriate services will be made.

How much does treatment cost?

ETANO Center remains one of the lowest cost private clinics in the Tucson area. Most clients report the cost of rehabiliation treatment is far less than the cost of their addiction. Treatment costs vary depending on the type of addiction and treatment options. Please call or send us a request for pricing.

Does ETANO Center take insurance?

ETANO Center does not take insurance. However, we will provide clients with the appropriate billing information to submit claims early.

Do you treat anything besides opiate addiction?

ETANO Center is licensed for counseling and medication management.We offer rehabiliation programs to address alcohol and benzodiazepine dependence.  Both medication assisted treatment, individual counseling and group therapy are available.